Best Buy Canada: Griffin iPad 2/3/4 Backbay Folio Case | Was $49 Now $25

Best Buy Canada: Griffin iPad 2/3/4 Backbay Folio Case | Was $49 Now $25

Griffin iPad case

Do you have an iPad? Well if you do, you should consider getting a reliable case for it. Today's deal at Best Buy is for a Griffin iPad 2/3/4 Backbay Folio Case, which normally retails for $48.98. You can now purchase this iPad case for just $24.99 (plus $2.99 shipping). You can get free shipping if you order anything else on the Best Buy website that costs at least a penny (it will likely be easier to find something that costs $1).

When you end up purchasing an iPad, it's important that you get a case for it that can provide it with the protection that it needs. If you bump or drop your iPad when it isn't equipped with a protective case, the results can be disastrous. Thankfully, this Griffin iPad 2/3/4 Backbay Folio Case can help you protect your investment (iPads are pretty expensive when compared to other tablets). This case also has an alluring look to it, and it also has a pocket where you can store some business cards.

When I ended up getting an iPad mini, I purchased a case on the same day. I knew that I didn't want to deal with the consequences of accidentally breaking an expensive electronic device like Apple's iPad the first day that I finally got it, so I acted quickly and purchased a case from Staples. It was a bit expensive, but it was well worth it. I've accidentally dropped my iPad on a few occasions (thankfully it was always landing on furniture), so I'm very glad that I have that case protecting it.

If you were to purchase a Griffin iPad Air Backbay Folio Case from Best Buy, it would cost you $49.99. I've included a brief review of this iPad case from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

Griffin Ipad Folio case is attractive and protects my iPad. Like the fact that you can prop the iPad up and view without holding it.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

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