Best Buy: 30% Off Built NY Products

Best Buy: 30% Off Built NY Products


I was busy searching for a new lunch bag by a company I knew named Built NY when I ran across this fabulous deal on Best Buy. Built makes lunch bags, camera cases, netbook and laptop cases out of neoprene - the same material used to make bathing suits. Sounds weird but the result is that they are completely washable - just throw in the washing machine and hang to dry, they are insulated, they are protective and they expand and stretch. They also don't have poisonous or 'bad for you' chemicals in them to insulate, always a bonus.

Right now Best Buy is offering 30% off all Built brand products.

Anniversary Special Offer: Take 30% off the regular price when you add this item to your cart!

I'm not sure when the 30% off ends but it really makes these a worthwhile buy. I know the gourmet lunch bags are $30 even on ebay and more expensive most other Canadian stores (though not all). With 30% off it makes these $22 including the tax. You can get them delivered for like $2 or pick up for $0. Laptop/netbook cases: The neoprene would be really soft on your laptop and keep it from getting damaged, and help insulate it in the winter.


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  • Annikka
    When I click the link to look at the bags, it comes up with some electronics. If I search "Built" in all categories the bags don't come up either...
    • Annikka
      nevermind it works now hahaha the link worked from the site but not my email :P
    • melinda k.
      i think this one is finished now because i am not seeing the discount...