This BenjiLock Recognizes Your Fingerprint!

The one key you almost definitely won't lose
This BenjiLock Recognizes Your Fingerprint!

Say goodbye to those tiny keys! If you're anything like me, you probably lost them anyways – and don't even get me started on combination locks. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've forgotten my code (even though I swore I wrote it down) and ended up fumbling around in the gym, just trying to get to my stuff.

And not to sound like an infomercial here, but I might have just found the perfect solution. BenjiLock is a company that makes some of the most high-tech locks I've ever heard of. Instead of just unlocking with a key or passcode, you open them with your fingerprint! And get this: they're actually available in Canada!

Now, they aren't sold just anywhere, but we found a couple different models at Urban Outfitters Canada. You might also see them in the Walmart Marketplace, but they tend to be marked up there – so we'll stick with UO.

In a nutshell, the BenjiLock Padlock keeps your things safe and secure – all with the (literal) touch of a button. It can store up to 10 fingerprints (and unlock with a just-in-case key) and recharges using a micro USB cable. Urban Outfitters Canada sells it for $82.95. It's currently on backorder but should ship on Aug. 29.

And if you're hoping to score one a little bit sooner, they also sell the BenjiLock Travel Padlock. This is smaller version of their original lock that sells for $59.95 and can store up to five fingerprints. It's accepted by the TSA, so you should be able to fly with it and keep your belongings safe at the airport and wherever you stay. And if you still have a few more questions about the BenjiLock, check out this quick guide we put together:

What is BenjiLock?

BenjiLock is an entirely new way to keep your things safe and stowed away. Their claim to fame is that they make rechargeable padlocks that rely on fingerprint technology – which means that you don't need to carry any keys or try to remember a passcode. Just enter your fingerprints and unlock it whenever you need! And to clear things up, the name "BenjiLock" is used to refer both to the brand and an individual lock.

Is the BenjiLock waterproof?

The locks aren't completely waterproof – but many reviewers and product descriptions say they are water-resistant. But no matter what, I'd keep them out of the rain and try to avoid complete submersion.

Who invented BenjiLock?

According to a quick Google search, a Los Angeles-based inventor named Robbie Cabral invented the BenjiLock. After dreaming up the idea for a new lock that incorporates fingerprint technology, he appeared on Shark Tank and eventually teamed up with Kevin O'Leary to start producing and selling the locks.

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