BBQ Toolbox $80.99 @ IWOOT

It's a handy piece of kit!
BBQ Toolbox $80.99 @ IWOOT

Oh this is just too cool! IWOOT are selling a BBQ that looks just like a toolbox. Yeah, it's a bit random but that doesn't stop us from loving it. Priced at $80.99, it's not going to break the bank and it's a really nice gift for that special person that works in a trade.

BBQ Toolbox

The BBQ Toolbox boasts brilliant reviews and we can see why. Not only does it have the fun factor of looking like an actual toolbox, but it's a fully functioning BBQ too.

Carrying it about no-one would ever suspect that when opened up the bright red box unfolds to reveal a portable BBQ.

It has a 8” x 15” stainless steel grill section where you can cook burgers, sausages, kebabs and whatever else you like on the BBQ!

There's a removable fuel tray where you put the charcoal and an adjustable vent that controls the flow of oxygen to ensure an even cook.

It's just perfect for those family days out and camping trips.

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