You Can Buy Bark Box Toys Online – Without a Subscription!

Because your pup absolutely needs a flower crown
You Can Buy Bark Box Toys Online – Without a Subscription!

I don't even have a dog right now, and I'm obsessed with all the Bark Box toys my friends get in the mail. I mean, there's nothing funnier than seeing dogs play with toy versions of human things, am I right?

If you're contemplating getting a Bark Box subscription but not really sure you want to make the full commitment, I have good news: you can actually buy individual Bark Box toys online!

The first place I noticed this was at Chapters Indigo, where they actually have a sale on select pet essentials right now. And I don't care who you ask – because a Selfie Stick Dog Toy is always an essential.

All week, you can order Bark Box dog toys for 20% off at Chapters, which means prices start at just $12. I'd try to check out before the end of the day though, because everything ships for FREE until midnight!

If you only walk away with one thing from this sale, it should probably be this Festival Flower Crown. This is not only the most Instagrammable flower crown I've seen all year, but it would also be perfect for any doggos in a summer wedding party. And it doesn't hurt that you can get one for $14.40 shipped! Just keep in mind that (as one reviewer noted) these might be better suited for smaller pups with rounder heads.

There's also this "Woofie" Cushion that actually makes fart sounds when squeezed. The only tough part will be choosing between it and this Wham Bam Ham that looks pretty hilarious, especially when you see a little dog dragging it around. After Thursday, orders over $25 will ship for free.

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