Bargainmoose Contest: Win Canadian Cartel Sporty Goodies

*** Contest now closed, winner is Desiree ***

Today, we're going to give away some lovely prizes to one lucky Bargainmooser, courtesy of the sporty daily deal site, Canadian Cartel. They are a BC based flash sale site that focuses on outdoor adventure gear (camping, mountain biking, etc). The winner is going to receive a pair of Filtrate Asphalt sunnies (value $80) and a Bamboo water bottle (value $25). These items are pictured in the banner above.

Here's how to enter this contest:

  1. Click here to sign up @ Canadian Cartel
  2. Leave a comment below (make sure you use the same email as above)

About the Filtrate Asphalt sunnies:

Stainless Steel, high quality, strengthened hinges. 100% UV Protection, with high quality polycarbonate for a more optically correct lens. Polycarbonate is light weight and provides high impact resistance. Polarised polycarbonate lenses block out 99% of the polarised light waves, (water, snow and the road), while also blocking 100% of the harmful UV (UVA UVB & UVC) rays. High quality polycarbonate memory flex injected frames. Filtrate uses only high quality materials in all our frames to survive the good times and the bad. 6 - 8 Base frame curvature of the lens and/ or frame of a sunglass. Large Fit. Large Coverage.

About the bamboo bottle:

Unlike other bottles that leave a bad taste in your mouth, the Bamboo Original offers the ability to sip from glass ensuring clean refreshment for either hot or cold beverages. This stylish bottle's easy-to-tote classic top screws tight so you never have to worry about leakage. Clip it to yourself and go for an easy walk in the park or throw it in the bag and push to the summit. The Bamboo Original has you covered.

The winner will be chosen at random from the comments below, then cross-checked with the Canadian Cartel mailing list.

I actually really like that Bamboo water bottle and wouldn't mind owning one myself!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 12th June 2012

Good luck Moosers!


  • Sandra
    Awesome prize - want that waterbottle!
  • Vivian
    I'd love those sunglasses!
  • Jen
    I would be STOKED to win either of these awesome prizes! =)
  • Jennifer
    Both look like great prizes!!!! Way to go barginmoose!!! :) count me in !!!!
  • Desiree F.
    Waterbottle and sunglasses would be perfect to win especially at the summer time when needed most! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Haven't heard of Canadian Cartel until I found the link on Bargainmoose looks like a great company will be back to check out all offers good deals thanks
  • dfiori
    Would be a wonderful surprise to win! Sungalsses and Waterbottle much needed at this time of year! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win! What a fantastic company Bargainmoose is and Canadian Cartel looks wonderful too. I can't wait to go back and check out the great deals!
  • Robin
    Want these both so bad!! ;)
  • Hope
    Two wonderful products to win. Good luck to everyone.
  • Linda
    These would make a perfect Father's Day gift for my husband from our kids!
  • Sherry c.
    Wow, I'm super glad to learn of this site!
  • emma w.
    great, thanks for sharing, signed up!
  • elwood
    These would be great for my days of hunting/fishing/skiing and playing ball! Thanks bargainmoose for sharing this great site, I'm hooked!!!
  • Joanne
    I'd love to win those great prizes! Perfect for summer!
  • Lynn
    Looks awesome! Fingers crossed!
  • Peter
    Like the look of that waterbottle
  • Jennifer
    I would love to win those -- signed up
  • Jennifer
    signed up -- I would love to win those
  • Pat
    I've been looking at the bamboo water bottles and they look just awesome!!! The sunglasses would be great as well. Thanks Bargainmoose!!!
  • Michelle P.
    I would love to give the sunglasses to my husband his suck! And I need an awesome water bottle so all my parts are crossed!!
  • jamesc
    Thanks bargainmoose for sharing this great site. Good luck to all!
  • Stacy P.
    Cool site! Thanks for sharing & thanks for the chance to win.
  • Amanda
    Great to have a CANADIAN source!!!
  • therese m.
    Great prizes .
  • pat m.
    New sunglasses would work for me .
  • jessica m.
    Interesting web site , with great products featured .
  • justin m.
    Winning would be great , cool items listed .
  • Joanna
    These contests are great -- thank you for supporting Cartel!!
  • Candace
    Great giveaway, and great new site too, thanks!
  • Gary T.
    great prize!
  • Kelly J.
    I have recently started using and I absolutely love it!!! I hope I win the prize!! Thanks!
  • TP
    I am training for my first half-marathon. These goodies would be a great addition to my routine!
  • Stephen
    Great site, can't wait for the POW gloves sale,
  • Jeanine
    Boy I would love to win the Bamboo Bottle too! While i was in Cuba, we had Bamboo filtered water and it is so yummy! And I can always use a great pair of sunglasses!
  • Benita
    Thanks for sharing a great site!
  • Sue
    Bargainmoose makes my day!
    • Anna W.
      That's so nice!
  • Norine
    You have the best contests. Thanks for being so good to us. :)
  • emilie
    what a great prize!!!
  • jonathan c.
    like it!
  • paulin l.
    thanks for sharing
  • Leisau
    Great deals for Canadians! I like it!
  • Lynne H.
    thanks for the chance to win; I've never heard of a bamboo water bottle before but it sounds great!!
  • Jen W.
    Wow, good choice of prizes. The bamboo water bottle would be fantastic.
  • stacey
    yay! signed up. great prizes!
  • Crystal
    Thank you.
  • Tenille D.
    This is an awesome website. Finally affordable merchandise that my 15 yr old snowboard loving son will love. I can't wait for the hydration pack sale in 22 hrs! It'll be my second stop after bargainmoose!
  • Nancy M.
    Thank your Bargainmoose and Cartel!
  • Jaclyn K.
    Would love love love that water bottle!
  • Becky H.
    Great prizes- thanks.
  • judy
    love the sunglasses
  • Jessica
    I am a runner and this is a great resource. Thanks for the chance at winning!
  • A F.
    everything looks good!
  • michael
    Had not heard of Canadian Cartel - thanks for the heads up.
  • Heidi C.
    My husband, who is an avid outdoorsman, would love this site! Thanks for the tip!
  • Cecilia
    Neat. Thanks
  • Laurie
    Great products. Thanks!
  • maggie
    Could really use some decent sunglasses.
  • Linda
    Would like to try some of their products!
  • Jessica
    would love to win :)
  • chrissy
    these would be perfect to take kayaking with me!! excited
  • Christine C.
    A Bamboo Original water bottle that leaves no taste! This I would love to have. My sunglasses are scratched. The Filtrate Asphalt Sunnies would be a fantastic replacement.
  • Louise
    Ooooo! Would just love the bottle to stay hydrated this summer - while looking great with shades on!
  • Andrea
    Sweet - finally a Canadian based alternative to LeftLane Sports!!
  • jamie t.
    sounds cool, thanx for the chance :)
  • alison
    great idea to have a deals website specifically geared for sport enthusiasts! Why did I think of that?!?! Way to go Canadian Cartel. I wish you all the best of luck.
  • Brenda
    Love this site! Great Canadian products!

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