Bargainmoose Contest: Win an HP Pavilion Convertible PC!

Bargainmoose Contest: Win an HP Pavilion Convertible PC!


**Contest closed. Winners is Rachelle!**

This last week we've been giving away a few prizes from HP. These contests have been very popular and I can't wait to tell the lucky winners. This morning you are in luck again as I have the grand prize from HP - the HP Pavilion convertible PC, worth $529.99!

This baby is sweet as it can do so much. It is a notebook, but it can stand up like a tablet, as it moves around by 360 degrees! You can stand it up, sit it down, lay it down or tent it. It does more than my kids can!

It has an 11.6" screen, Windows 8.1, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, dual speakers and lots of pre-installed software for you to enjoy.

I love how bendy this thing is, so you can really use it to its full capability. I wanted to do yoga the other day outside and had to lean my tablet on a plant, but this would be so much easier for me to see the class online!

While you are doing your back to school shopping, you might want to take advantage of the new exclusive coupon code we have for HP, which will get you $60 off 15" laptops over $529! Use the coupon codeBMOOSENB1560 to get your discount.

How to win this prize?

Answer the following question: Why do you need this convertible PC?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 16th August 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account. Please be sure to check your email frequently so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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  • Juli
    I need this laptop because my current one is near to broken
    • Lisa
      I had a desktop that was so slow that we quit using. I own a laptop(hp) that was bought by the company for when I work at home. Last school year my children had to use my laptop for school work so this year I need to purchase a computer for my children (4 of them) and this would be ideal.
      • Julianne
        I need this because I can't afford a new one and my son just broke my current one :(
        • Matt
          I bought a laptop 6 years ago, when I finished high school and it begins to slowly have problems. I am going back to university in January, so I need a new one, this would be perfect for taking notes in class.
          • cgbrdo
            I'm a grad student on a limited budget and my current laptop is on its last legs. It is so slow and has crashed a major presentations I have had this year. This laptop would be perfect for doing school work and portable enough to take to conferences!
            • Jocelyn
              Currently using a netbook from 7 years ago and a new PC would be great, especially one that is convertible and can be positioned like tablet
              • Blair P.
                My old(er) laptop is too heavy and unwieldy too use easily from my wheelchair and this looks like it could be the perfect answer.
                • Stephanie R.
                  I need this convertible PC because my current computer, a MacBook that I got in 2008, barely works. I have to have it plugged in all the time and it's super slow at best. Would love to win!
                  • Charley L.
                    The reason I need a new PC is because my condo got flooded this summer and my MacBook Air got a lot of water damage.
                    • lennypuz
                      I need a new laptop. Mine is getting old and runs very slow, it would be nice to be able to upgrade!
                      • Jessica
                        I need this convertible PC because I do not have a computer or laptop. I literally only have my iPhone. My daughter is turning 7 soon and she'll need to start using a computer to do assignments for school. I need to win this!!
                        • Alexandra
                          I would give this computer to my grandpa. He believes he wants a laptop but I think he would be happier with a tablet. His phone has too small of a screen and too small of a keyboard for him to envoy the wireless world! With a tablet he could much more easily chat with us on facebook and skype.
                          • s
                            We need this because we don't have a laptop and only 1 PC
                            • Chuck
                              Our laptop sometimes doesn't even boot! A new laptop like the Pavilion would be awesome!!
                              • Jubet
                                I need this convertible PC as my 6 year old laptop is very slow and my son gets very upset when it froze while he is watching nursery rhymes on YouTube. As he is non verbal, hard to make him understand why the screen is not moving. A new laptop will make our life easier.
                                • katama381
                                  We need this because my daughter's laptop needs to be replaced and needs another one for school
                                  • Tracy
                                    It would be great for my hubby because he could do a lot of things on the go, when he is traveling. :)
                                    • Tracey H.
                                      I need it because my niece stayed overnight last weekend and dropped my tablet and neither of us can afford to replace it :(
                                      • Emma
                                        I need this PC because I'm starting grad school in a month and my current (dinosaur) laptop is on its last legs. Definitely will need something more reliable for writing papers!
                                        • Bonnie (.
                                          I need this laptop because my current one is completely unreliable. I spent a lot of money on a Mac Book Pro, and all I do is spend time on the phone or in the store, wasting dozens of hours, trying to fix problem after problem. It is cursed....