Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Smoothbeauty Laser ($569 value) from Tria Beauty! (CLOSED)

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Smoothbeauty Laser ($569 value) from Tria Beauty! (CLOSED)

*** Expired, contest now closed, winner added soon! ***

If you enjoy pampering yourself and are dreaming of youthful skin, this contest is for you! Triahas given Bargainmoose a Tria Smoothbeauty Laser(valued at $569) to give away to one lucky winner this week.

What's a Smoothbeauty laser and why do you want one? In a nutshell, it's a “beauty breakthrough" (as Tria calls it) that helps improve your skin's appearance by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It the same laser technology skin treatments that you can get at a doctor's office, except that this is a do-it-yourself and less expensive version. The product has clinical studies backing it up, it's got a 90-day money back guarantee, and tons of online user reviews for you to consider. This last part is a big plus for me as I really like to see what other customers are saying before buying something in this price range!

If you want to learn more about how the Smoothbeauty Laser works, check out the Tria website. They've got videos, examples of before-and-after, and reviews to help you get familiar with the product.

Want to win this prize? Here's how to enter:

“Comment below and give us your favorite beauty tip!"

My favorite beauty tip is to drink lots of water. Drink it all day long to keep your skin looking nice!

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  • Canadian entrants only
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  • Ends 20th April 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion


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  • Sonya
    My favorite beauty tip is putting coconut oil on my face after a shower, it is the best rejuvenating moisturizer I have ever used!!!
    • Tracy
      My favorite beauty tip is using Vitamin E and coco butter to help reduce the appearance of scars and discoloration in my skin (plus makes it super smooth). ^_^
      • Maria
        Sleep, and more sleep. Best beauty treatment by a mile.
        • UncleStuart
          Smile, smile, smile.
          • Maureen A.
            Lots of sleep and green veggies are the best skin treatment.
            • yingy_c
              My favorite beauty tip is to use natural products as moisturizers, such as emu oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.
              • Sandra
                Skin primers are awesome!
                • Katy
                  Definitely a good night sleep and washing off any make-up that can clog up pores =).
                  • Ann
                    I always put sunscreen when I go out in the summer, especially on my nose, cheeks and ears !
                    • Carol
                      Keep your skin moisturized......especially with the cold and bitter winter we had...our skin surely took a beaten....moisturize to keep your skin smooth and not dried out
                      • Rick
                        My best Beauty tip is to be confident in your own looks. My wife never wears makeup and doesn't have to. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. She has always been confident enough not to wear it and now as were getting older her skin looks great.
                        • Sharon
                          Always use a daily moisturizer that has a minimum of SPF 15 ! As much as we love the sun, it ages our skin, so protection is better than cure..... right ;-)
                          • Nicole
                            For soft, plump, and light lips I scrub lightly with toothbrush before bed. Then I add a spray of lemon juice followed by a generous layer of vaseline. I get many compliments on my kissable lips!
                            • Louise
                              Use coconut oil for the tips of your hair - a great mosturizer that smells nice too!
                              • Sherri
                                I use coconut oil as my moisturizer after a shower for both body & face. It's also great for your lips.
                                • Tina
                                  Lots of sleep, water, and always smile! :)
                                  • darci
                                    Make sure you get enough rest and use a satin pillow, it keeps your face from creasing! Also wash your pillowcase a few times a week :)
                                    • JENNIFER H.
                                      I try to be happy as much of the time as I can, when I am happy I feel beautiful!
                                      • Alison
                                        Sunscreen is my favorite tip. Nothing ages the skin faster than sun damage.
                                        • Dennis
                                          Worry less and laugh more.