Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 Gift Basket From Prana!!

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 Gift Basket From Prana!!


*** Contest now closed, the winner is Donna! ***

As I sit here munching on nuts, dark chocolate and other goodies in my Prana trail mix, this is a perfect contest for those of us who want to snack healthier!

Prana is offering one lucky Bargainmooser a gift basket worth $250 full of goodies from their store.This delicious basket contains:

  • Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix(worth $17.99) - the one I'm snacking on now and my 4-year-old loves it too!
  • Annapurna(worth $19.99) - almonds, cashews, cranberries
  • Machu Pichu(worth $19.99) - almonds, raisins, Brazil nuts, goji berries
  • Fuji (worth $19.99) - premium salty mix
  • Amandine (worth $28.99) - two words: maple almonds mmmm....
  • Go Nuts (worth $28.99) - mixed maple nuts
  • Nirvana (worth $29.99) - oil free sea salted almonds
  • Extaze(worth $25.99) - oil free sea salted cashews
  • Samadhi(worth $29.99) - wheat free tamari almonds
  • Organic mangoes (worth $23.99) - my kids love these and they are so full of vitamins and iron
  • Black and white snack bag (worth $5.49) - perfect for the lunch bag

I'm seriously hungry now after linking you to all these yummy things! All of Prana's products are handmade in Montreal and done in small batches to ensure freshness. They don't just sell snacks either, they have seeds and grains for all your baking and cooking, plus various healthy sugars and spices.

Save a trip to the health food store and get your stuff online at Prana with our exclusive 15% off anything on site coupon code. Simply use MOOSE15 at checkout to get your 15% off.

How to win this prize?

Answer this question in the comments below: What one item from Prana do you want in your belly right now?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 27th September 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account. Please be sure to check your email frequently so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Reply to
  • Sue
    Go Nuts! The maple covered nuts are sooooo good.
    • Zoe
      The Fuji mix! What a delicious prize!
      • Tanya
        I would like some Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix, please!
        • John
          The Samadhi of course. You know how the song goes 'tamari, tamari, I love you tamari, you're always a day away.'
          • george
            Nutter needs Nirvana nuts to be set free of niggling noises.
            • Katy
              Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix sounds amazing!
              • yingy_c
                Organic mangoes for sure ^_^
                • gary
                  KILIMANJARO is the best.
                  • Cynthia
                    Their Brazil nuts are amazing and I wish I had a bag right now. I used to dislike them because they had a strange metallic taste. After trying Prana's, I realized I'd been eating generic, low quality, bulk bin Brazil nuts.
                    • Robin
                      Mmm...Kilimanjaro Dark chocolate please!
                      • BONNIE
                        Kilimanjaro Dark chocolate!!!
                        • TIffany
                          Prana Fuji Mix is delicious - also the organic mangoes!
                          • Kelly
                            The Kilimanjaro Chocolate Mix would be yummy!
                            • Maggie
                              Mmmmm, maple nuts. So Canadian and so good!
                              • Aastha
                                The Machu Pichu - Goji berries.. Mmmm.. <3
                                • Linda M.
                                  Maple nuts please.
                                  • Leah
                                    Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix. The fact that it has chocolate sways me. Oh Chocolate, how I love thee in my nut mixes.
                                    • Tracy
                                      The Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix sounds so good so I would love to try that, ^_^
                                      • lamariposavioleta
                                        Organic Mangos!!!! YUmmmy!!!!
                                        • Judy
                                          Mangoes! Love, love love mangoes!