Bargainmoose Birthday Contest Part 2: Find The Pirate Parrots! (Expired)

*** Contest now expired, winner of the iPad mini was Skeetersden, with Gill and Andrea as runners up for a $50 Amazon voucher each ***

We're on to the second out of five treasure hunts to celebrate Bargainmoose's 5th birthday. This is a 48 hour contest, and you can be in with the chance of winning a lovely new Apple iPad Mini, or one of two $50 vouchers. Loot! Me hearties!

This swashbuckling contest has the same entry method as the other day, here's what you need to do:

  1. Solve the five trivia questions below.
  2. For each answer, pop it into the Bargainmoose blog search (top right of home page).
  3. Hidden in the results, find a pirate parrot that looks something like the image below.
  4. Collect all 5 hidden pirate parrot letters
  5. Unscramble the five letters to uncover the word of the day.
  6. Send an email to with today's pirate word in your email title.

Make sure and follow these instructions carefully, some people didn't quite do it right the last time, and had invalid contest entries (E.g. forgot to unscramble the word at the end).


  • Ends 24th August 2013
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household

And on to our trivia questions:

1. Which store has the slogan, "Save Money. Live Better."?

2. Who sells " fashion that works"?

3. Which store has the slogan, "Where creativity happens "?

4. Where does "making money make sense"?

5. Who is Canada's best seller in bargain books?

UPDATE: if you have any trouble with searching, make sure you just search for the whole word, not necessarily with apostrophes :)


  • Felicia
    Awesome! Thanks for this fun contest :) Happy Birthday!!
  • Lenny Z.
    Sorry I didn't realize you wanted it as the subject for the email so I sent it again the proper way!...hope that doesn't disqualify me!
  • Michelle
    Thanks again! Another fun treasure hunt!
  • Amanda R.
    A bit more searching this time :) Fun stuff!
  • spamgirl
    I don't see a parrot on this post, or any other post, and I've looked really hard!
    • spamgirl
      I've found it on other posts, just not this one. Sorry
      • Ramona
        I'm having the same issue. Don't see them on any of the pages I go to.
  • Andrea
    I don't see the image of the example of the parrot either. I've solved all the Trivia, but can't find the clues. Help!
  • Anna W.
    Oops, I forgot the example in the post above - parrot added! :)
    • Andrea
      Thank you, Anna! I see them now. Thank you for the fun hidden parrot search.
  • Samantha
    Love this contest! :)
  • Shelly
    Is it on one of the results pages or do you have to click on one of the results and go to that page to find a parrot?
    • Shortbread
      Yes I agree I can't find the parrot either. Is it on a result page or do you have to click open to find it?
    • Shelly
      Never mind, I figured it out. LOL
  • Grace
    great contest! really fun!
  • Anna W.
    Reports that people get different results when searching with or without apostrophes - just assume no apostrophes :)
  • bonnielloyd52
    The letters I have to unscramble don't seem to make a word?
  • skeetersden
    well I have clicked on results pages when I put in the clue, tried them all no parrots, so put in the store names, clicked on all those pages that came up. again no parrots?? the first contest no problem not sure what the heck is going on, but kind of sucks that some folks can't see the pictures of the parrots
    • skeetersden
  • 1suprdad
    hi everyone, I thought there was some kind of error too...but they are there. You just have to search. Don't give up, and don't think it is a quick search. It looks like SOMEONE is making it a little bit harder on us... good luck to all
  • pachalt515
    Woot! Another fun one Anna! Good luck everyone!
  • Christina M.
    whoot! Hope I win

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