Barbie & Ken Divergent Dolls $16.24 Each & Free Shipping @ *HOT*

Barbie & Ken Divergent Dolls $16.24 Each & Free Shipping @ *HOT*


Sears Canada has some incredible toy deals on right now and I could not miss posting about these sweet Ken and Barbie Divergent dolls. The Barbie® 'Divergent' Four Doll was $34.99 and is now on sale for $26.24. Apply coupon code 941612824 and the Ken Four Doll comes down to $16.24. The Barbie® 'Divergent' Tris Doll was also $34.99, is on sale for $26.24 and comes down to $16.24 after you apply the above coupon code for $10 off $25. You must order the dolls separately. That is no problem as the coupon code can be used multiple times and Sears is currently offering free shipping on toys!

I tried to price compare these dolls but they are not in stock very many places. Walmart Canada has the dolls priced at $34.97 but they are both out of stock. I also price compared at but they do not have them in stock and resellers start their prices at $51. Toys R us also does not have the dolls.

I think these are really cool dolls and it is taking a lot of will power for me to not buy them for myself. I think this is one of the nicest Barbie dolls I have seen in ages, and I love the all black outfit. Those boots are also killer. No matter how much I love Barbie Tris, I love the Ken Four doll more. He has the most wicked tattoos covering his back and I am just drooling over them! I have never seen a better-looking Ken doll in my life. LOVE IT!

You would be insane not to get this deal, but make sure to buy each doll separately so you can use the coupon code twice. Here is how one doll looks in my cart:


I want these dolls so badly and I am a grown woman!

As I mentioned above, all toys this weekend come with free shipping so you want to purchase this now rather than later. I also have no idea when the coupon expires so this deal could end at any time.

(Expiry: unknown)


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  • Karen
    Seriously? Why would a grown woman drool over Barbie and Ken dolls? This post seems very inappropriate
    • Avigayil M.
      As a collectible. :-) I do not collect Barbies myself - but one of my older cousins does and she is in her 30s. Her Holiday Barbie collection was started by her parents when she was a child and she continues it now that she is an adult. We all collect different things :-)
      • Anna W.
        Karen, I encourage my team to offer their opinions in their posts. How can offering an opinion on Barbie be inappropriate? Everyone has different likes and tastes. Sorry, but your comment makes no sense.
        • Karen
          Thank you Anna for saying that my comment is senseless
      • moe146
        Lighten up, Karen. Have some eggnog.
        • Karen
          Good idea! But maybe it is time to brush up on the writer's skills.
        • Helaina
          Can you tell me if the 10 off 25 works on other things? Thanks!!
          • Anna W.
            Hi! The code is on our coupon page here, but we don't have a lot of the exclusions: . I'd just recommend popping things in your cart and testing the code on them.
          • Sue
            Thanks - added 2 already on sale craft kits to my cart, and it took another $5 off each of them and because they were toys, shipped for free - steal!