Ballbuster Hand Cream! Half Price @ this week ($11.25 & free shipping)

Ballbuster Hand Cream! Half Price @ this week ($11.25 & free shipping)

UPDATE- Back again this week!!

Ok, this is a bit of a quirky deal post, but when I saw the name of this product, I just had to blog about it!

I thought at first that it was just a badly chosen brand name, but on reading up about it, the product name has been chosen on purpose!! I’m referring to the Ballbuster Hand Cream, sold by It is a good deal, it’s half price this week only (Ends Sunday)month only, so you’re getting it for $11.25 including free shipping anywhere in Canada.

The folks over at

Steve over at strangenewproducts summed it up quite nicely too: “For those ballbusting bitches who eat the souls of men and spit out their feeble minds, yet still long to keep their skin looking as young as ever, comes BallBuster Hand Cream.” Made me chuckle!!

- Anna


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  • Alex
    Hi Anna, I'm Alex, the Community Director for Thanks for featuring our Ballbuster hand cream sale! If you think the name is funny, you should see the packaging, which includes a quote from The Art of War. We all had a good laugh when we first saw it! If you ever have any suggestions or questions please feel free to e-mail me at alex[at] I'd love to hear from you!
    • Anna
      Hi Alex!! You found my little blog!! I was trying to find a larger piccy of the packaging on the web, but couldn't find one anywhere. I saw it mentioned elsewhere that it has a pretty cool box, with nutcrackers on it and everything :) is one of my faves :) The free shipping is a real bonus!