Baby Shark Toys are Now Available for Pre-Order

Baby Shark Toys are Now Available for Pre-Order

I bet you can't make it through this entire post without getting the song stuck in your head ...

Baby Shark is EVERYWHERE, and now those colourful sharks are swimming their way over to Toys R Us shelves. That's right. Baby Shark toys are coming to Canada!

They're made by WowWee (the same company behind Fingerlings), and there are a few different toys available for pre-order.

First, there's the Baby Shark Singing Plush – a cuddly friend who will sing the Baby Shark song if you squeeze its tummy! You can also order a Mommy Shark or Daddy Shark version, and each one sells for $19.99 when you pre-order though Toys R Us Canada.

There's also the Baby Shark Dancing Doll, which actually sings and dances to the song when you tap the top of its head. All you have to do is say "Baby Shark" – and it will react!

But just wait, because these toys get even cuter. My personal favourites, the Shark Family Sound Cubes, are collectible, cubic toys shaped like Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark and, of course, Baby Shark. Just squeeze them to hear the "Baby Shark" song!

Finally, there are Bath Squirt Toys for kids to play with in the tub: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark, which are $3.99 each. They're sized for small hands (and for stocking stuffers).

They're expected to ship as early as Dec. 14, 2018 – so there's a chance you'll receive them in time for Christmas. I'd hurry to place any orders, though. These toys will likely sell out FAST.


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      shut the front door. Need them ALL

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        I think Dawson wants one of these

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          not out till dec 14th

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            this reminds me of someone :wink:

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              , :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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                We need this!! :wink:

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                  ! Lol

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                    Lyla needs all of these

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                      Oh god no!!

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                        It’s bad enough he has custom 31 bags with Wilder Shark on it he doesn’t need these

                        • Debbie L.

                          you mean I should cancel my order? Lol

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                              Please tell you didn’t lol

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                                Maman on lachette

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                                      Sweet. Thanks

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                                        sawyer randomly sings it now hahaha

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                                          they are so cute