Baby Banz Earmuffs, Class 4 Protection - $25 One Day Only @ Best Buy Canada

Baby Banz Earmuffs, Class 4 Protection - $25 One Day Only @ Best Buy Canada

Can you think of a baby or toddler who could really use these? Please pass this post on to their parent!

Have you ever been somewhere with your baby or toddler when everything was too loud, such as an outdoor venue summer concert? Sometimes sounds can overwhelm and alarm babies and toddlers. Some children also have sensory issues for which this is a great product, to help your child to 'ground' his or her self.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything felt too loud and 'echo-y' (think of some restaurants with really high ceilings, where sound bounces off of everything, and seems distorted at times.) This is the type of situation where your child might really welcome the silence of having the earmuffs on, without muting ambient noise. Maybe your baby or toddler wants to nap in peace when you're out and they can nap in their stroller without the loud background noise with these earmuffs on.

Some children seem happy using the distraction of listening to music using headphones or earbuds that hook up to a portable music player but headphones with sound and music can get really loud, overstimulate the child, and worst of all, possibly damage little ear drums! There are long cords attached to those which are a safety hazard as well.

Sometimes children simply desire a more quiet, peaceful auditory sensation, and these cool Baby Banz Earmuffs are just perfect! The sale is for one day only, May 7, 2016, and they are selling for $24.99 down from $39.99. Three different colours are available.

Shipping is free on items over $25, I would suggest adding on a smaller priced item such as batteries, to boost your shipping to free!

(Deal expiry: May 7, 2016)


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