Baby Banana Training Toothbrush only $1.93 Shipped @ Aliexpress!

Baby Banana Training Toothbrush only $1.93 Shipped @ Aliexpress!


If you have a little baby in your household, or perhaps know someone who does, then check out the deal on this little “baby banana” training toothbrush at, one of the biggest worldwide marketplaces. For only $1.93, you can get this cute little item shipped straight to your home!

The full title of this item is the, “Yellow Soft Baby Infant Toddler Banana Training Toothbrush with Handles.” Yes, there are a lot of age related keywords in there to show you that this toothbrush is good for young kids, specifically aged between three and twelve months.

Please note that there were other sellers on the Aliexpress marketplace who were offering this toothbrush for a few cents cheaper, but the sellers were quite new and didn’t have high feedback ratings. The one I have linked to above (Vogue Store) has 97% positive feedback so you should be good to go.

I originally found this item for $3.90 shipped here on Amazon, but the seller is in Hong Kong anyway, and when my price comparison showed me the exact same items on Aliexpress, I thought it would be better to post from there.

In terms of reviews, I checked out a lot of here comments on, where this exact same item is being sold. The toothbrush received a 4.7 out of 5 rating, which is really quite high. There were even dentists commenting about how good it is!!

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  • Melissa
    Not so sure about this one... it looks like a knock-off of the real product. It could just be that the colours aren't right (the real bananas are half white, half yellow), but who knows if that's all? I worry a short cut was taken, like lower quality materials, that could harm my baby.