Babies R Us Canada: Lowest Prices of The Season

Babies R Us Canada: Lowest Prices of The Season

Babies R Us Canada is advertising their lowest prices of the season on all sorts of items.

Being the expert on newborns, having had three of my own, I feel like I know what new babies need and what you really don't need. For example, those wipes warmers might be a convenience, but I think they are a waste of money (including the money spent on the hydro bill while you keep them plugged in).

Here's a list of what you really need (besides the obvious stroller, crib and bedding) that is now on sale at Babies R Us:

A bouncy chair is definitely needed for those times you need to make dinner, have a shower or just not hold a baby ALL the time. I don't think the music on there really matters, but it definitely needs some sort of bouncing and/or vibrating. These Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncers look cozy with great head support. It vibrates and does play melodies and also is a great neutral colour. I would recommend having two bouncers if you have more than a one story house. Now only $35.87, regularly $60.99.

If you are breastfeeding, and I highly endorse it, a breastfeeding pillow is really important. It is the perfect size, wraps around you and you can rest baby on it so your arms don't get incredibly tired holding baby the entire time. It is great for using a variety of breastfeeding positions. I loved that the baby would fall asleep while eating, I could unlatch and keep them asleep and again not tire out my arms holding them. It was comfortable. Don't believe it when people say you can just use a regular pillow. I found that cumbersome and not the right height. I love these Taggies pillows because as baby ages it gives them something to touch as they feed, keeping them interested that little bit longer when they get to the look around the room stage. Now $23.97, regularly $39.99.

A sleepsack or swaddle blanket is a definite must. This will keep baby wrapped tight, warm and they will honestly sleep better like that. Plus how cute are they as little burritos? Halo sleepsacks are 25% off right now.

I really wanted to tell you about the Kushies Receiving Blankets, but it looks like they are all sold out! These are an amazing must have and all three of my boys have made their special blankie out of these blankets, that are soft and very cute. Check out the other Kushies products on sale for 25% off.

This list is not exhaustive and I'm sure there are a ton of other really important things newborns need, but these top my list. The one thing I wish I had known about years ago was a cool mist humidifier. Babies get sick so much and they can't breathe well through their mouths, so when their noses are stuffed up you are in trouble. Every time you get that baby to sleep, they will immediately wake up upon putting them down. A cool mist humidifier helps their nasal passages moisten so they can breathe better and they actually sleep. It is such a must have and I used mine all this week for my stuffed-up toddler. The Crane Humidifiers are cute and on for 30% off right now at Babies R Us.

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