Awesome Books Coupon Code: 20% Off Used & Bargain Bin Books (UK)

Awesome Books Coupon Code: 20% Off Used & Bargain Bin Books (UK)

I mentioned Awesome Books just recently as an international (UK) book store that sells new and used books at good prices. The also offer free shipping to Canada on a purchase of 2 books. I just got emailed an awesome 20% off coupon code to be used on any bargain bin or used books.

  • Discount: 20% off
  • Coupon Code: 20HELLO
  • Expiry: Unknown

I received my order from Awesome Books and have to say I am very pleased. They shipped very quickly and the books arrived in excellent condition, especially for used books! They were in excellent condition. I'm not sure what non-geeks look for in used books these days, but my recent obsession is Asterix. Used Asterix comics in good condition start at just $4. I can pick up Asterix and the Actress for $4.17 (74% off) and Asterix and Caesar's Gift for $4.17 (57% off). After coupon both books come to only $6.66. With those two lovely books I will get free shipping.

I am in love with this company for it's fantastic prices. Remember to change your currency in the upper right hand corner to the Canadian Dollar.


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  • Amanda
    It's great to hear about another good book store online!