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So, I know very little about navigation system, in fact I have been in a car with one, about a handful of times. So I know nothing. So it was a pleasure when Mooser Steve sent us an email about a deal on Garmin lifetime maps. On one hand I was clueless, and on the other hand I thought it was great: something we had never really talked about on the Moose before. So, I'm going to let Mooser Steve tell you about it.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a Garmin maps offer on Bargainmoose, but for those like me who bought their Garmin GPS for the car and need map updates, I found a GREAT deal! Garmin just recently started selling Lifetime map updates subscriptions, and some of their GPS units are now sold with the Lifetime maps included. However, for those of us who bought our GPS units prior, updates were only free within the first 3 months of registering the unit at I searched high and low to find the best deal on a Lifetime map subscription -- at, the cost was USD$89.99, converted with tax to CAD$92. Even, et al. only came up with a a price as low as USD$80.

For a limited time, is offering a Lifetime North America map subscription for USD$71.99 + USD$2.99 handling, total USD$74.98! They send you a "gift card" code via email, which you then enter at to activate the subscription. That's a savings of $15.00 or roughly a 17% discount over Garmin's direct sales price! Cheers!

Thanks so much Steve!

You can click through here to go to AutoNavDirect to order the Lifetime North American map subscription. I did a demo cart and it will indeed only cost you $74.98 USD.

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