Audible: BOGO! Two Books for One Credit!

Audible: BOGO! Two Books for One Credit!


Punch a goat ghost in the face and get two great audio books for one credit at Audible!

Are you an Audible member? No? Why not. Seriously. It's free. Click that link up there to get a free 30-day trial and a free credit.

Normally that credit would net you one book but if you sign up right now you can shop their Monster BOGO sale and pick two books out of over 200 available for only one credit.

If you, for some insane reason, don't want to stay a member at Audible, just end your membership within 30 days. You wont be charged and your two free books are yours forever. If you're like me, you will immediately fall in love and need to bump your monthly subscription up from one book a month to two books a month. If you aren't sure about it I suggest swapping your monthly subscription for a "light" membership. The light membership gives you no credits but lets you take part in sales and buy books a-la-carte. I did that for years because I started relistening to books I had already listened to and just didn't need more credits.

If you're already a member then just click the link above and go to town. I know I'm going to use this to get Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religionby Janet Reitman and one other book. Not sure what the second one will be yet but I have 200 free books to choose from so I'm sure I'll find something awesome!

(Expires: 31st October 2013, 11:59PM ET)


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