Over 50% Off Animal Ankle Socks Over 50% Off Animal Ankle Socks


Pick up a few pairs of the wildest ankle socks ever on sale at

These are the greatest animal themed socks and would make a great gift for a friend or just for yourself. The ASOS Double Printed Fish Ankle Sockswere $8.61 and are now on sale for $3.23. You might prefer these ASOS Pug Print Ankle Socks that were $8.61 and are now $5.38 with their cute little doggy faces.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend a pair of Monki Cissi Owl Socks that were $10.76 and are now $4.30. They may not look exactly like a certain snowy owl, but pretty close.

Those pairs are sort of the outliers in terms of price. The rest of the socks were $8.61 a pair and are now priced at $4.30 each. All the socks are so darn cute too. These ASOS Printed Rottweiler Ankle Socksare a vicious pair of socks and will let other predators know to stay away. TheASOS Snow Leopard Printed Ankle Socks are my favourite as I love huge cats and the snow leopard is just so majestic.

The socks are all super affordable and really cool. Prices are in CAN and because they cost less than $20 (you could get several pairs for under $20) there will be no duty.

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