Ardene Canada: Toms-Like Canvas Shoes 3 For $10 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Ardene Canada: Toms-Like Canvas Shoes 3 For $10 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


Yesterday I told you that Ardene is offering free shipping with no minimum. I found a really great deal that will have you saying Toms who? Ardene sells canvas loafers that look almost exactly like Toms, but without the $65+ price point. In fact, their price point is so low, it is almost crazy. Regularly $12.50 or $14.50 per pair, which is already super low, you can get three pairs of these loafers for only $10!!! Plus, as I said, they will ship for free!

Ardene has a bunch of styles and colours in these canvas shoes, which is sure to please anyone's taste. Plus, if you are getting three pairs, you might as well go out of your box and get some fun styles.The vintage red canvas loafers are what made me do a second take. I have red Toms and these look so much like them, but instead of the over $60 I paid, I could pay $3.34. Even if these shoes were super low quality, they cost $3! For that price you could buy each of your friends a pair as well. You could donate these to charities looking for shoes. Or, you could actually wear them knowing what a hot deal you got and loving them anyway.

While these remind me of the comfort and style of the plain canvas shoes I used to wear in the 80s in which I would draw all over so I had my own personal style, they definitely have gone up a notch.

If you want something a little funkier, these beige and red linen striped loafersare very cute! But, Heather Grey is also a versatile colour to pair with any outfit. Decisions, decisions! You really don't have to decide in this case, because you can get 3, or 6 or even 9!

Want the look of sneakers instead of canvas flats? Check out these navy/grey denim sneakers without laces. They are also included in the 3 for $10 promotion, so you don't have to just go with the same style. Go a little "wild".

(Expiry: 22nd September 2015)


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  • Kelly
    It shows $7 for shipping when I tried to order?
    • Kelly
      I see it expired Sept 22/15....that's probably why