Ardene Canada: Sundresses 2 for $30

Ardene Canada: Sundresses 2 for $30


If you are looking for a cute sundress to wear to parties, the beach, poolside or just for everyday, Ardene has a deal on for you. Sundresses are now only 2 for $30, with a regular price of $34.50 each. That's like getting one and getting one and a bit free. Since you'll be spending $30, you'll also get free shipping, as they've lowered the threshold down to $29.99 (from $59.99). Love it!

There are also some dresses that are 2 for $40, so be aware of that when you choose your selection, but even that is a great deal. There is also a BOGO 50% off deal on dresses and rompers, with differing regular prices, so you might also want to check that one out too along your way.

I love wearing dresses, as I love to feel feminine and I find them light and airy in the hot weather. I'm always on the hunt for a pretty or a sexy dress, depending on my mood. Getting them for $15 a piece is definitely putting me in a good mood.

This blue belle dressis absolutely gorgeous. The patterning on it with the contrasting colours really gives the dress a feminine feel. I love that it is a maxi length, as I find this is perfect for not showing off too much skin, while your shoulders and buff biceps get all the attention. Regularly $34.50.

If I did want to flaunt a little leg (and I really do), I'd choose this graphic high-low dress. The way it is shaped it will accentuate the length of my leg while hiding my tummy. The dress looks a little on the sheer side too, so it gives it a touch of risque. This dress is also $34.50, so if I bought both dresses, my total savings would be $39!

While I think this dress might be a little too short for someone over 35, the daisy skater dress is a definite winner. I love the large graphic flower and the shape of this dress. It is regularly $17.50. I'd pair it with this fitted striped long maxi dress in my cart, which is just so classic and perfect for whatever life brings you that day. It is regularly $26.50. Getting both dresses saves me $14.

Bargainmoosers, what dress is your favourite?

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