AppleCheeks Swim Diapers 15% off @ Snugglebugz

AppleCheeks Swim Diapers 15% off @ Snugglebugz

Snuggle Bugz has AppleCheeks Swim Diapers on sale for $16.99, that's 15% off their regular price of $19.99!

Here's the thing, your typical swim diaper (like all disposables) are literally, a wear and toss item. Your little swimmer might have it on for half an hour and then you're on to the next. For the same price as a package of disposable swimmer diapers, I bought one cloth swim diaper, which I used for 2 summers, again and again. Well, I actually had 3 in different colours and patterns, that I rotated, but that's another story.

They're super cute too; check out a few of the colour options on sale:

Fit: Size 1 fits approx 7lbs-23lbs & Size 2 fits approx 18lbs-35lbs

When I had my first baby, I was a far cry from a Crunchy Mama. As time went on, I started embracing more natural and environmentally friendly products.

Personally, I loved cloth diapering and was hooked, as soon as I tried it.

The washing isn't any different, than what you would do with a regular swim suit. A quick rinse, wash and hang to dry, then you're back in the water again.

Whether you use cloth in the water or just have wet suits to carry around, a good wet bag is a life saver, for keeping everything else in your beach bag dry. Colibri makes amazing wet bags and the Mini Double Duty Wet bag is a great size, for kids suits or 2-3 cloth diapers at $9.79-$13.99. For the whole family's suits and towels, a larger bag like thisXL Wet Bagwould be perfect and ranges in price from $26.59-$37.99.

Just in case I've convinced you to jump on the cloth wagon for every day use, here's a example of a starter kit, that would work well; AppleCheeks Starter Kit - Size 1 or and AppleCheeks Starter Kit - Size 2.

AppleCheeks are hands down a favourite Canadian brand and these adorable colours are up for grabs 15% off and Free Shipping with orders over $49.


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