Applebees Canada: Free Entrees For Veterans On Remembrance Day

Applebees Canada: Free Entrees For Veterans On Remembrance Day

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All veterans get free entrees at Applebees on Monday for Remembrance Day!

I don't see much information about this deal on the Applebees website, so I just assume you can walk in as a veteran and get your free meal. I love this deal. Today I attended a Remembrance Day parade in my neighbourhood and was actually moved to tears (which is a big deal for me - I rarely cry!). In our day to day lives, we really don't consider the sacrifice people have made for our freedoms. My grandfather was a WWII RCAF pilot, who passed many years ago, but I wish he were here so I could say thanks. My grandmother was a WAF; they actually met during the war and she emigrated to Canada, leaving behind her entire family, except the two young children she made the journey alone with. I can't even begin to imagine the fear, the courage and the emotions behind living and fighting in a war. So, bring on the free food as a minimal gesture to say thank you to veterans young and old!

Applebees even has a section on their site which allows you to invite the veterans you know to participate in this deal. If you know anyone - your parent, neighbour or a friend, who is a vet, send them a message and tell them about this deal, even if you can't be there to enjoy it with them.

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