Apple Canada: Refurb iPod Shuffles For $35 (Free Shipping)!

Apple Canada: Refurb iPod Shuffles For $35 (Free Shipping)!

UPDATE 24th March 2009 - Apple have re-stocked and these are available again, I'm bumping this thread.

The Canadian Apple Store has a great deal on their little refurbished iPod shuffles right now. The 1GB shuffles are only $35, and that includes free shipping from Apple! You can choose the sleek silver, groovy green, or basic blue. These are the slightly older generation. If you’d like the newer generation with the newer color schemes, you’d have to pay $44 instead, but you can then choose from pretty pink or bright blue. Even the 2GB models are showing at pretty decent prices – starting at only $45!

How to get this deal:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to bottom
  3. Look under “Special Deals” @ left
  4. Choose “Refurbished iPods”
  5. Buy buy buy!

You’ll note that these are refurbished electronics. As far as I know, you cannot even tell – there wouldn’t be any damage to the units or anything, and they come with a full warranty too. I’ve read reports on other forums that the only real difference is the packaging – it might come in a plain brown box, rather than Apple’s fancy schmany packaging. If you don’t mind that, then you’re onto a good deal here.

I had seen the iPod shuffles in pictures on the net quite a few times, but I only ever saw one in reality a few months ago. I was really surprised how small it was! It was so small, I reckon I could fit about 5 of them into my mouth… but I never tested that theory. I’ve tried to show you the actual size by using an in-hand photo to illustrate this blog post. Hopefully they didn’t use a model with particularly big hands to make their device look smaller.

I am not a fan of Apple products in any shape or form. However, I must say that I am impressed by how they have created such customer loyalty and dedicated fans of the brand. I do admit that their products are pretty well designed and fairly ergonomic too. But IMO they are too expensive, especially when first released. They should reward their loyal fans and early adopters by not charging them so much for new products!

P.S. If you are an Apple fanboy, You might be interested in Dealguild Canada for free cashback from the Apple Store.


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