American Apparel: Free Gift With Purchase

American Apparel: Free Gift With Purchase


When you shop American Apparel and spend $100, you'll get your choice of a  free gift!

American Apparel has clothing and accessories for men, women, kids and babies.  There is lots of variety in the styles available, but there does seem to be lots of 80's type clothing and accessories. Take this calculator watch or these Stretch Velvet Stirrup Leggingsfor example. Weren't these all the rage in the late 80's?

I do like the baby section. Lots of basic pieces for baby boys and girls. This infant Tri-blend Rib Cardiganis very cute for $19 as well as this 3 pack of Baby Rib Karate Pantson sale for $33 (save 18%).

Click here to see the free gift choices. There are 32 free gifts to choose from. My choice would be this Printed Nylon Tricot Triangle Bikini Top ($35).

Sign up for American Apparel's emails and get 15% off your first online order.

Orders are shipped from Montreal, so no extra duties or taxes. Free shipping over $75!


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