American Apparel Canada: 5-10-15 Sale On Now

American Apparel Canada: 5-10-15 Sale On Now


American Apparel has a great sale on right now with items being only either $5, $10, or $15.

I recently read this Buzzfeed (I love Buzzfeed), which had "real" banners for different stores. I'll urge you to find it yourself, but the one for American Apparel claimed it was soft-core explicit images. When I look at their site, among many other fashion sites, I'd have to agree. I know they are selling clothing, but I think that teenage boys might be on their site not looking to shop. Anyway, they do have a great sale on if you are looking to shop, with some nice round numbers for you to shop with. These items are for women, men and kids.

For $5 I found:

For $10 I found:

For $15 I found:

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  • Anna W.
    Yes, I do think their clothing is quite odd, choice of models and poses is sometimes really strange too.
    • Avigayil M.
      I like that AA doesn't hide the human body like it is something to be ashamed of. I quite like their choice of images. :-) Instead of 'OMG its a nipple!' its like they are saying: 'get over it. Every human being has two of them... if it still shocks you to see them you need to get laid more.'