Amazon Canada: Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive Was $159.99 | Now $129.99

Amazon Canada: Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive Was $159.99 | Now $129.99

Amazon Canada has a smashing deal on a Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive. The price was $159.99 and is now $129.99.

I am a big fan of an external hard drive. Twice I have lost valuable stuff that I could not replace. Once because I didn't own a HD, and the other time because I hadn't backed up for 6 months. The last time was right before finals, and I basically lost all my notes since I type them. I was a basket case!

I price compared with Future Shop which offers the same HD @ $139.99. Tiger Direct had the HD listed at $129.97 but with $7.20 shipping added on, it is still costing more.

In my opinion an external hard drive is essential: it is a 'must' accessory if you have a computer. Back up your valuable pictures, music and correspondance so when your computer goes, what it holds onto doesn't.

2TB of space is all you will ever need in a hard drive. I think $130 is an amazing deal.

Do note, there are mixed reviews on this product - my guess is there are some lemons among the bunch. Never forget such products like these come with warranties. If you run into trouble with your HD running way too slow, never hesitate to invoke the warranty and get it checked out.

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  • Chris
    I looked at the provided link, which in turn had a link to the MyBook Essential 3TB drive which shows at $149.99. $20 more for 50% more storage! This 2TB drive deal is C-O-L-D.
    • Avigayil M.
      While I agree that when you do the cost jump from 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB it indeed it seems smarter money wise to go with the biggest. However, I would also consider if you are ever going to use 3 TB worth of space. For the average person 1 TB is certainly enough, and 2 TB is for us music and video hogs. 3TB the average individual (and the average audiophile) will never use, so why pay more for something you won't use?
      • Chris
        $20 is barely a jump. Not to mention the $130 price on a 2TB drive isn't fantastic either. Not long ago, via a deal posted on BM, one could get 2TB drives from Staples for under $100 including tax (if in Alberta, anyway, thanks to no provincial tax). But overall, paying $20 for extra futureproofing is a tiny amount. This is a COLD deal all around.