Amazon Canada: Up to 35% off Defender Sentinel Security Camera Systems

Amazon Canada: Up to 35% off Defender Sentinel Security Camera Systems


Stay safe with a Defender Sentinel Security Camera System from Amazon Canada.

Are foreign government trying to kill you? Are the salaries of your armed guards getting higher and higher? Do you have a compound? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need a Defender Sentinel Security Camera System. Man, I've already said Defender Sentinel Security Camera System three times in this post. Four now. Defender Sentinel Security Camera System. Five. Sorry. From now on I'll call it the SDSCS.

Amazon is actually selling eight different SDSCS. They range from $324.99 for the 21030 model with an 8 channel DVR and four outdoor cams all the way up to the $799.99 megawork. The megawork is the 21051 model and it has a 16 channel DVR with 16 cameras. It's pretty awesome. Of course there are models in between as well. Some have different DVRs or different quality or quantity cameras. You're saving $135 and $340 respectively on those particular SDSCS.

These are great for home or business use but the business use is far less creepy. I did some looking around for prices. I didn't find them for sale at a lot of places but the ones that I did find were always more expensive.

Shipping is free on all of these.

(Expires: 12th January 2014)


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