Amazon Canada: The Walking Dead Was $160 | Now $50 (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada: The Walking Dead Was $160 | Now $50 (EXPIRED)

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I know so many The Walking Dead fans and it has gotten me intrigued to watch the series myself. This deal is killer and a good time for any fan or person considering becoming a fan to get the series. Get seasons 1 - 3 on blu-ray, plus a t-shirt for only $49.99, with a regular price of $159.99. Also, get the season 4 collector's edition for only $54.99, with a regular price of $149.99.

The first thing I do before writing a deal for the Moosers is to price compare. A deal is not a deal if other stores have it for the same price or cheaper, even if the inflated regular price says it is hot. But, in this case, Amazon has the cheapest prices.

Consider that Walmart is selling seasons 1-3 with the included t-shirt for $99.99. Future Shop is sold out of those seasons at the $79.99 price point and so is Best Buy.

As for season 4, Future Shop sells it for $89.99 and that's the only place I could find it. So while Amazon's regular prices are a bit over the top, they still are by far the best deal on such a hot series.

In fact, just so you know how hot both sets are, the first set is a #1 bestseller in science fiction and fantasy and in shows that start with W, but that's a bit trivial. It also has fantastic reviews like these ones:

Awesome show!

Lightning quick delivery! Ordered this for my brother's b-day and he was thoroughly excited about this series so thank you again!

I'm going to vouch for Amazon's quick delivery. I ordered something on Saturday and got it today, so if you are worried about not getting this before Christmas, I think you will.

Considering that the sets are sold out at Best Buy and Future Shop at a higher price, I'm going to hazard a guess that they will sell out quickly at Amazon as well. They are a lightning deal, so you only have about 13 more hours to shop as well.

Shipping will be free on either set.

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