Remodeez Shoe Deodorizers for $11.63

They also have sizes for your car, home and gym bags
Remodeez Shoe Deodorizers for $11.63

I love my husband to death, but baseball season is starting up again soon, and that means one thing: there are about to be a lot of stinky shoes, gloves and duffel bags in my house. I'm clearly no saint, either, since my tennis shoes and yoga bag do a number on our noses, too – and these little things may be able to help.

Remodeez makes all kinds of sachets you can use to remove odours from your sweaty shoes, smelly diaper bags and outright stinky carseats. They contain activated charcoal that's derived from sustainable coconut husks, which absorbs moisture and prevents things like mildew and bacteria growth.

They're non-toxic, odourless and hypoallergenic, so this isn't like spraying Febreze or leaving Bounce dryer sheets in your shoes. If you're sensitive to smells, you should still be able to use these deodorizers without any reaction. The two-pack of Remodeez Footwear Deodorizers sells for only $11.63. Give me TWO!

They should last for a year if you take care of them properly. Just put your Remodeez in direct sunlight for an hour or so between uses, and the UV light will take care of the rest. They have versions specifically designed for your car or home, and I want to get my hands on this set of two On-the-Go Deodorizers. They're purple and sell for $12.94 at Amazon Canada. You may see them elsewhere, but at Amazon, $35 order ship free.

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