Amazon Canada: Razor Scooters 20% Off

Amazon Canada: Razor Scooters 20% Off

Amazon Canada has Razor scooters on sale for 20% off right now.

My oldest and youngest sons absolutely love their scooters. They much prefer them to riding a bike, and they can both go quite fast on them (my youngest as fast as a toddler can go, which can be pretty fast). Both started riding them at two years old and quickly got the hang of it. So, if you are thinking about getting your child some kind of scooter, now is the time with this sale.

Check out this pink Razor A Kick scooter, now only $39.99, regularly $49.99. This one is for ages five and up, and I love the steel with the pink!

Not technically a scooter, but super cool, this Razor RipStik Ripster in blue is $55.99, regularly $69.99.

This Razor powerwing caster scooter is cool for doing tricks like spinouts and kickouts. Now only $111.99, regularly $139.99.

Shipping is free for these items.

(Expiry: 21st April 2013)


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