Amazon Canada: Portable Kids Toy Storage Bag & Play Mat Only $29 & Free Shipping

Amazon Canada: Portable Kids Toy Storage Bag & Play Mat Only $29 & Free Shipping


I found a very cool and NECESSARY item at Amazon today. After my child dumped his entire box of like 700 LEGO pieces on my bedroom floor, making my bedroom a veritable land mine, I decided we needed a solution. In pops this ZJchao 60-inch portable kids toy storage and play mat. It does sell from a secondary seller, but it is only $28.99 plus free shipping and you know you need it too...

Your kids want to play and they want to make a mess. Put down this mat, spread out their toys, whether it be LEGO, blocks, playdoh, green army men, cars or whatever other toy you seem to find spread on your living room rug and enjoy the super easy clean-up. With a durable nylon cord with a cord lock, you can easily open and close this mat, even when it is full of toys. Pull the drawstring and then store this baby wherever your kids can't get it. This would be amazing for camping as well, as there isn't that many spots to play besides the dirt. They can spread this out and it is large enough to sit right on it.

Looking at the photos, this mat is large enough to have multiple children playing without fighting. I can't guarantee someone won't scream "you stole the exact piece I was looking for out of these thousands of pieces!" and I also can't guarantee a rogue piece won't make its way under your foot during that 2am bathroom break, but it does say 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so it is definitely worth a try!

As I had never seen anything quite like this before, I decided to see if there were better prices out there. There wasn't. These Toyzbags are similar, but seem much smaller and ship from Australia. There are some on Etsy for varying price points, but none this large for this price with free shipping. Swoopbags are also very similar, with some nice patterns and colours, but cost quite a bit more and aren't as large. Those ship from the U.S.

Bargainmosers, have you ever tried a playmat like this one? What did you think?

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