Amazon Canada: No Spill Bubble Bucket Was $21 | Now $15

Amazon Canada: No Spill Bubble Bucket Was $21 | Now $15


Imagine this scenario: your child wants to do bubbles and by do bubbles, they want to do it themselves, as all toddlers will tell you. He or she is happily playing away until the inevitable happens - they kick over the tub of bubbles and are devastated - and you have a nice soapy mess to clean up. The No Spill bubble bucket that's for sale on Amazon right now will help you avoid this scenario and I can attest to this as I have this exact contraption for my 4-year-old. Regularly $20.99, it is on sale for $15.08.

If you aren't the type to give your grandchild or child candy for Halloween (they'll have enough!), a fun toy is a much better option. Almost all kids love bubbles, no matter what age. There is a line from a movie (I think the movie is This is 40, which is ironic because I am 40 today!) that says "I wish I loved anything as much as my kids loved bubbles" and Paul Rudd was so, so right. Even my dog loves bubbles, which gets the kids even that much more excited for bubbles because they can blow them for her and she pops them. It is a very exciting event in my house.

Even better, this bubble bucket will let three kids play at once and they still won't spill the bubbles! Even if the kid wants to pick it up by handle and swing it around because he is stealing it from his brother, it still will not spill.

There are a ton of reviews on Amazon and it has a solid four star rating. Parents love it for the fact that the bubbles won't make a mess, kids love it for the obvious reasons.

There are a lot of DIY bubble recipes out there that include a ton of ingredients like gelatin or glycerin but I simply put dish soap in water and it works.

As always at Amazon, you'll get free shipping on $25 unless you have Prime, so add another $10 to your cart, or two of these so you can avoid those fees.

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