Amazon Canada: Get Disgaea 4 (PS3) for Only $34.99 (Orig. $57.26)

Amazon Canada: Get Disgaea 4 (PS3) for Only $34.99 (Orig. $57.26)

Seriously. If you have rage issue, you shouldn't play this game. It is very likely to make you punch at least 25% more babies. If you don't have rage issues or your baby punching quotas haven't been met as of late, pick it up.

I'm going to start right out by saying that I have not played this game but I have played Disgaea games and I've some research on this one so I'm well informed. I like Wikipedia's description of the story so I'll include part of it here.

Disgaea 4 follows the story of Valvatorez, a vampire who was once feared as a tyrant until he promised a woman 400 years ago that he would not drink blood until he could instil fear in her, and she died before he could do so. He now has a menial job in Hades, where the souls of dead humans are sent to be transformed into Prinnies, alongside his loyal servant, Fenrich. When the government orders the mass extermination of all Prinnies, Valvatorez and Fenrich put a stop to it and, disgusted by the corruption of the government, Valvatorez plots a rebellion.

So the hallmark of this Tactical RPG is twofold. One is it's silliness. A perfect example of this is the aforementioned Prinnies. Prinnies are essentially penguins. They litter the game even into some of the attacks you can use. The game's sense of humor is awesome and the dialog in the previous games constantly made me chuckle. From what I can tell it is the same in this iteration.

Now comes the other hallmark, the unwholesomely frustrating part I mentioned earlier. The game is really hard. If a character dies in a battle, they are dead. There is no phoenix down, no revive spell, no auto-raise. They are gone until you revive them at the nurse in between battles. On top of that there aren't 99 levels like most RPGs. There aren't 999. There are 9999 levels. You'd have to grid forever to get yourself maxed out.

So underneath the funny and the difficulty there is a really solid, super fun Tactical RPG. It is, unfortunately, one of those games that if you haven't been invested into it from the start, you might have troubles with it but stick to it and you'll grow to love it. I suppose that is the same for a lot of Tactical RPGs. If you don't already dig them, you will likely have troubles getting into them at this stage. Same thing though, if you give them some time, you'll love them.

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