Amazon Canada: Free App of the Day Bundle ($100+ Value)

Amazon Canada: Free App of the Day Bundle ($100+ Value)


Here we are again with another Free App of the Day Bundle from Amazon Canada. This bundle comes with every app you need and many you don't to give your Android smartphone or tablet an overhaul. Check out this bundle of 36 apps worth over $100 that is free for the next few days.

I will not go through and detail all the 36 apps as you can quite easily click through and look at them all yourself. However, I will highlight some of my favourites (and the more expensive apps) below.

Mind Games Pro - Was $5.30 | FREE

My mother signed up for Luminosity and has been trying to get me to join her on her family plan. However, I know what this will turn into - competition. My mother and I suck at loosing so I do not see that battle going well. Mind Games Pro is a sweet app for Android that is a lot like Luminosity. You play games designed to increase your reasoning, memory, and more. Games like these are actually pretty beneficial - there is a lot of research behind them. I think this game is a good buy - especially free.

AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security - Was $14.50 | FREE

I always recommend this program whenever I see it offered for free. While smartphones are not as prone to viruses as a computer, as technology improves this will become more of an issue because people are douche-bags. This app protects your device; it helps improve efficiency and more.

Docs To Go Premium Key - Was $11.09 | FREE

This handy little app allows you to view, edit, and create MS office files. You can also view PDF files but cannot edit them. Your changes can be saved directly to multiple cloud services so you have the document wherever you need it. This is sort of like the new Office app but without selling your soul to Microsoft.

Distant Suns (max) - Unleash your inner astronaut!- Was $6.27 | FREE

This may be my favourite app of them all. I LOVE the stars and this app allows you to view over 200 galaxies, nebula, and star clusters. You can set your viewing location anywhere on earth or off of earth! You can also change the date and time to show the sky of past or the future. Follow Earth's moon through its phases and see the orbit of the planets.

Check out these apps and more in the Amazon Free App Bundle.

(Expiry: 15th August 2015)


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