DNA Testing Kits from $69 @ Amazon Canada

Two of the biggest Amazon Prime Day deals are back
DNA Testing Kits from $69 @ Amazon Canada

If you're curious to learn a little more about where you came from, this might be the time to finally dive in headfirst and find out. By now, you probably know that we're on the second day of the Amazon Prime Day deals for 2019 – and there are some pretty incredible discounts on at-home DNA testing kits.

Basically, these are tests you can do on your own to help determine your ancestry. They include everything you need to collect and mail a saliva sample to a DNA testing facility. Just follow the instructions, ship 'em your spit, and you should receive the results in anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

One of the more affordable options, the AncestryDNA Ethnicity Testing Kit is on sale for $69 from $129 until the end of the night. And let me tell you, these are the prices we usually only see around Black Friday and Boxing Day – if that. So if you've been thinking about trying one of these out, you seriously can't go wrong.

But what if you want to know more than just where you came from? What if you're looking for more information about who you're going to be – and any health issues you might face along the way? Well, there's a kit for that, too. The Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service from 23andMe tests your ancestral DNA and lets you know about your health predispositions, carrier status and wellness-related traits all at once.

On a regular day, this home testing kit is on the pricier side and sells for $249 – but this is no ordinary day. Until the clock runs out on these Amazon Prime Day deals, you can pick one up for just $129!

Just remember that, no matter which one you buy, you need to have a valid Amazon Prime membership (and be signed in to your account) if you want to qualify for these deals and free two-day shipping. And since the sale ends tonight, you only have a day left to shop! So what are you waiting for?

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