Amazon Canada: Buy 4 Audio CDs & Save An Extra $9 & Get Free Shipping

Amazon Canada: Buy 4 Audio CDs & Save An Extra $9 & Get Free Shipping


While many of download our tunes, there are still some who love the feeling of a new CD for their music. Amazon Canada has a great deal on with a buy more, save more on Sony Music CDs. If you buy two, you'll save $3, if you buy three, you'll save $6 and if you buy four, you'll save $9. The prices are already really low, so you'll get some good music for a really low price.

There are 124 selections for this promotion and many look like greatest hits offers.As I've mentioned probably a zillion times before, I am a huge Pearl Jam fan, but it gets tiring listening to them each and every day (sort of). I've been told if I like Pearl Jam, I'll like the Foo Fighters and their greatest hits are only $6.99.

My oldest recently got into Journey of all bands, and I love to foster my kids love of music, so getting him their greatest hits is a no-brainer at only $4.99.

With Dr. Dre's new movie coming out, many people are re-living their early hip hop days. My brother was a huge Wu-Tang clan fan and their CD is only $5.

I knew that this one would be included in the list and it can be said that it is the best album every made. I think so anyway. Pearl Jam's Ten is iconic and only $7.99.

I added all of these albums to my cart and it deducted $9 and my total came to only $18.04. I still had the option for free standard shipping, which is pretty sweet considering my total didn't hit the $25 minimum for free shipping. I also have Amazon Prime, so I also had the option for free 2-day shipping and you would too if you had signed up for the free trial not that long ago. Either way, you can get four CDs for less than $20 and free shipping! You won't see the discounts until the payment page. If you happen to make it to $40 on your Amazon order, you can use this coupon code VDEBIT10 to get another $10 off using Visa Debit.

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