Amazon Canada: 66% to 70% Off Cat Scratching Boards

Amazon Canada: 66% to 70% Off Cat Scratching Boards


Cat got claws? Then you need a good scratching board and maybe more than one. Amazon Canada is offering up to 70% off two lovely Go Pet Club scratching boards for your cat.

The first scratchboard I wanted to bring to your attention is this so darn cute Go Pet Club CP003 Cat Scratching Board House Style. It is like a little blue house for your cat with two open doors shaped like little cats. The top and inside of the house are made of corrugated cardboard so your cat can scratch away. As this is a house style scratching board, your cat may also like to sleep and play inside. Some catnip is included with your purchase to help your cat adjust to their new domain. Originally $45, the board house is now $13.36.

Next on the list of fun little scratching boards for your cat is this Go Pet Club CP015 Cat Scratching Board Bed in Leopard Print. Instead of a house, this time the board is shaped like a bed. Your cat can both sleep in their new toy, and use it to file down their nails. This would be great for any small living space like an apartment or studio because the scratching board plays double-duty. As with the above house, this bed also comes with some catnip to entice your cat into using their new toy. Originally $65, the bed is now on sale for $22.49.

So far both scratching boards have excellent reviews (except for one that came missing a part). A reviewer of the scratching bed said:

4 paws for this scratching bed. The quality is excellent and look very good. My cats love it so much that I had to by 3 more because I have 4 cats and they all wants to be on it. They love it so much that they sleep on it. To every cat lover you will not regret it.

My cat loves to scratch his current scratching post and I am sure he would be thrilled if we bought him either of these; but I am not convinced he could fit through either of the doors on the house: he is rather fat. I think the scratching bed would be really great for him and might keep him off the furniture.

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