Amazon Canada: $6.99 Double Feature Blu Rays

Amazon Canada: $6.99 Double Feature Blu Rays


Amazon Canada has a pretty shockingly cheap deal on double-feature blu-ray disks right now. You can get two movies, on blu ray, for only $6.99 (originally $24.99).

I couldn't really find an overarching category for these so I sort of found them through linking through the first one I found. So far these are the ones I have discovered:

Each double-feature is only $6.99 and there are some nice combos in there. The Green Mile was an amazing movie as was Forrest Gump (so I hear). Casablanca is a classic and I am dying to see African Queen. One of my all time favourite movies is the Ten Commandments - but I hate Ben Hur so I am not sure about picking that double up.

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