Amazon Canada: 53% Off Small Creature Trap - Now $52.71

Amazon Canada: 53% Off Small Creature Trap - Now $52.71


I think this is the first time I, or anyone, on the Bargainmoose has written about a creature trap. But after listening to the Vinyl Cafe podcast where Dave is trying to trap a skunk, I realized how much of a problem these small creatures can be. Pick up the Havahart Collapsible One Door 32"x 10" cage trap for raccoons, stray cats, and woodchucks (and probably skunks) for only $52.17. The cage retails for $110.99.

This cage is both useful and humane. I really hate when people think the way to solve their critter problems is to use poison. Not only is that causing unnecessary death but the poison gets into the food chain and that is never good. If you have a furry that is disturbing your peace, then try trapping and relocating the creature.

Speaking of furry critters - I wonder if I could use this on my neighbor's cats. We are in a townhouse complex and my neighbors let their cats roam free. I have a rag-top car and the cats derive great pleasure from sleeping on top of it and getting their muddy footprints all over it. I have been thinking of catching all the little furballs and turning them into the SPCA since they are not really being looked after anyway.

Get free shipping on this cage because it costs $25+.

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  • Cameron
    Trap cat, small amount of spray paint on cat, release cat. Complain to neighbour about local teens abusing cats. Sad it's unsafe to let them out.... Good luck
    • YesM
      I read this looking to trap a raccoon to relocate it so it won't threaten our small dog - to a less urban area....that is a humane reason for trapping; but your reason is not. NEVER trap a neighbour's pet - you will earn lifetime enemies changing the neighbourhood environment for your lifetime there and it will only cascade downwards. You are in a strata, so go thru council who can fine the owner for letting pets out unattended. Or find a mediator who is neutral because both you and the pet owner likely won't be able to see each others' perspectives. And in the mean time, I suggest you are likely more upset about your values and property not being respected by others than you are about actual muddy paws or the pets' wellbeing, so be honest - no cage is going to fix that. Shame on you for punishing the animal when it is the owner you want (and paint will punish the animal too and you end up being the animal abuser!). It is tramatic to a pet to be trapped - it is frightened, powerless, and then you burden a shelter who is already handling legitimately abandoned animals. Any pet is terrified to be in such a strange place - it is NOT for house pets. Where not governed by law, letting cats outside unattended is unwise but it is not abusive or neglect so don't kid yourself that you are doing the pet any favors - many are destroyed who don't get adopted.
      • Avigayil M.
        Actually, I am more concerned about the damage they are doing and will continue to do to my vehicle. Claw marks through the soft-top and their nails removing little bits of paint from my car when they climb it. I take very good care of my property including my own feline (indoor boy) - good stewardship and all that - so not only is it a value system problem it is also a $600 bill for a new roof kit if they damage the hood (scratches, claw markes, etc that cause it to leak) and the damage to the paint. I don't even know how much it will cost for a new paint job. I was having a discussion with Eva about this and told her I have used cayenne pepper as a detergent, and I am about to use tin foil over the hood. It doesn't save the paint job as I cannot use these on the entire car unfortunately. The problem with my complex is there are at least 5 cats for which I haven't a clue who owns them. No collars, nothing. They just roam the complex doing as they please.
        • Lisa
          Avigayil, I would never let my cats roam free in the outdoors, if I did they'd have a leash on. Because I don't want them dead from wild animals. I think it's bad pet ownership to just let them roam. I would trap them one at a time, post the animal that is found. Then hopefully someone will come forward, if they don't then try to find it a home, one at a time. Long process I know, but the only thing I can think of.
          • Avigayil M.
            Thanks for the advice!