Trendnet Internet Cameras $60 & Up (Save Up to $95) Trendnet Internet Cameras $60 & Up (Save Up to $95)

BargainMoose wants you to see the world around you. That's why today we're bringing you some deals on Trendnet Wireless Internet Cameras from Amazon Canada.

There isn't a direct link to see the four cameras by themselves, so the link above goes to a page with the camera deals and some other deals. Direct links to the four available cameras follow:

As usual, anything over $25 ships for free from Amazon Canada. These cameras are all out of stock but if you order now, Amazon will restock and ship to you as soon as possible. I'm assuming with Amazon's buying power and with this apparent demand, they should be back in stock fairly quickly.

These cameras are quite cool. Essentially you mount them in an area you want to observe and then hook them up to your (secure) wireless network and you can access them via the Internet. It's essentially a security camera system that you can access from (almost) any Internet connection.

The obvious use of these cameras is security but there are tons of other things you can do with them. For example, a playroom cam. If you have a playroom in the basement and you are cooking supper upstairs in the kitchen, you can just check on the kids to make sure they aren't beating each other up. Do you have a nice ocean view out your cottage window? Why not set the camera up so you can watch your nice view from work? All you need is a wireless N access point and you're all set.

Two of these cameras, the most expensive of course, are PTZ cameras. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom. That means that you can, as the name implies, pan, tilt or zoom the camera remotely. Very nice feature that you can pay serious money for.

These are a great value as is evidenced by them being temporarily out of stock. Pick them up now before the sale is over!

(Expires: 2nd September 2012)


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