Cyber Monday Insider Info!!! Cyber Monday Insider Info!!!


Earlier today, we posted that had started their Cyber Weekend deals, and they’re ongoing for the next few days. Well, guess what? Amazon has just emailed me with a sneak preview of some deals info for Cyber Monday tomorrow – the Big Day!!

Have a look at the list below and see if there is something you are interested in. If so, check back in on this first thing tomorrow! I've noticed that a few of the items are already at the lower price. The additional deals which are coming tomorrow will include:







Shipping: Free if you are on Prime, otherwise free on a $25 spend!

(Expires: Unknown)


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  • scseward
    Would you happen to know the cheapest place online to buy Copic or Prismacolor markers? They are both so expensive, especially the Copic ones. Thanks!
    • Anna W.
      Not sure about online, but for the likes of Copic - your best bet might be to sign up to the Michaels email list and wait for a 40% to 50% coupon - then have a hunt instore.
      • scseward
        Thanks! That's what I thought. :) May have to go for some cheaper brand markers. Something between Copic/Prismacolor and Crayola. LOL
        • Anna W.
          Consider Caran D'Ache. Always liked them too.
    • Shelly S.
      Thank you!! I'll check them out.