Altitude Sports Canada: End Of Season Sale - Up To 50% Off

Altitude Sports Canada: End Of Season Sale - Up To 50% Off

It's the end of the season, so gear up for next year by getting up to 50% off at Altitude Sports!

Altitude Sports is having a classic end-of-season sale to clear out their summer stuff for fall and winter. It doesn't mean you can't wear the stuff you get now during fall and winter, it's just "out of season." I know, it's a dumb concept, but that's the way the retail world works, so I will happily capitalize on their need to move inventory.

They have sales on items from all of their categories, so you can basically deck out the whole family with this sale. They really have everything from clothing and outerwear for women, men and kids, as well as footwear and other various equipment. There is some cool stuff in the equipment section if you're outdoorsy. If I was going to suggest anything, it wouldn't be the tents, and it wouldn't be the sleeping bags (some of which are pretty awesome); it would be the Nathan Race Number Belt. It was $14.99, but you're saving $7.49, so you only pay $7.50. I think everyone should have one of these. Not just to race with, but for pranks. Put it on over your suit and run down the hallway at work. Get in a group of people walking down the street while wearing it and just ask people what their best quarter marathon time is. If anyone asks you about it, tell them you're practicing for the Bob Barker pre-memorial bull running. It could be a blasty-blast.

Shipping is FREE on orders over $100. Otherwise, you pay depending on where you are and what you get.

What pranks are you going to play with your number belt?

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  • Jason
    We need another altitude coupon for 20%+, the current sale prices are not low enough for out of season and discontinued products they need to do a bit better for me to bite.