Massive Back to School Poster Sale Massive Back to School Poster Sale

Every year my university gets invaded by poster sellers. The posters are over-priced, but the students eager for a little decoration that expresses themselves have no reserves in dishing out the money asked. If you might fall prey to such tactics, check out All Posters' back to school sale. They have a huge selection and their posters are up to 50% off.

There are actually many posters that are discounted more than 50%!

This I Don't Ask Much In A Man door poster was $21.99 | Now $3.99! Which is a grand total of 82% off. Great for a single girl's dorm room!

I think this Alchemy- Ophidalia is gorgeous and would be loved by any fantasy reader in the family. It also was $21.99 | Now $3.99!

This poster is truly brilliant for any student: Excuses for Missing Class Poster. Originally $18.99 you are saving 79% when you buy it for $3.99.

There are so many great deals, check the sale out!

Expiry: 9th, September 2012


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