Manage Your Kid's Allowance for Free or Save $22 on a Yearly Pro Account Manage Your Kid's Allowance for Free or Save $22 on a Yearly Pro Account

Toss the piggy bank and manage your kid's allowance online with Allowance Manager!

I've heard of these guys before so I was excited when the boss reminded me of them. Basically what they do is let you track your kids allowance. You get to keep a running balance of how much they get and how much they spend. So instead of having a piggy bank or a mason jar, you can keep the balance online. You can even make a kid's account so they can log in and check their balance. You get all of this for free!

My son is a bit too young yet for this but we have been teaching him about money. He really, really wanted an Iron Man action figure so we got him a piggy bank (or panky, as he calls it) and started giving him a bit of money every time he cleaned up his toys or helped us with the laundry or something. By the end of the summer he had enough to buy an Iron Man toy. He handed over the money himself and was so proud. The numbers don't mean anything to him yet, really, but he knows money buys things so we went on that principle. When he is old enough, though, we are absolutely going to get a service like this so he can help track his money too.

But a company like this needs to make money and to do that they offer a premium service. You get all the basic stuff plus a PrePaid MasterCard debit card for your kids. You can load this thing up and let them buy whatever they want with their own debit card. It's pretty cool. And great for the older kids who might find them stuck at a friends house at night and need a way home. Drop a few bucks on the card, tell them to get a cab. The service is $6.75 a month plus a $10 sign up fee. If you get a year's subscription, you get it for $69 with no fee. You save $22!

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  • Eva W.
    This is perfect! Welcome to the digital age, where we can keep track of savings with the internet, not jars! I hated having to round up a bunch of toonies and loonies.