Aldo Shoes Canada: Lewa Pumps Were $70 | Now $13.99

Aldo Shoes Canada: Lewa Pumps Were $70 | Now $13.99

If you need a great pair of pumps with a little pzazz, pick up these Lewa Pumps at Aldo Shoes Canada for a song. Originally $70, the shoes are now only $13.99 and still available in most sizes!

This pump comes in two colours: blue or black. They display multi-coloured rhinestones on them that give your feet a nice shimmer when you walk. The shoe also has an almond toe and a four inch heel.

There is actually a review on the blue version of the shoes. Here is an excerpt from it:

Blue, if you don't know, makes most people look more tan (great perk), I love almond toes, and when the rhinestones are off the shelf and out of the stark light, they're really tasteful and add a glam sparkle. They were pricey, more than I would've estimated them to be, but I really needed them. The fit is good, the height is comfortable: they're as comfy as a heel can be. The one thing I really dislike is that the soles are tan. I don't know why they weren't made black.

These shoes sound like they would be a great bargain buy at only $13.99. Sizing comes in full and half sizes.

Shipping is a flat $5. You can also get a 10% off coupon for Aldo if you sign up to their newsletter.

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