Air Canada Vacations: Kids Stay, Fly & Eat Free This Summer

Air Canada Vacations: Kids Stay, Fly & Eat Free This Summer


I came across an absolutely fabulous deal that you don't want to miss if you are travelling somewhere with kids by the end of September. Book in the next four days and your kid stays, eats and flies free at so many great resorts.

I am really interested in this deal, but unfortunately because you have to book by May 12th, I won't be able to partake in it. I'd love to get the kids south and originally we talked about Disney but they all screamed when I suggested Mexico, which is quite alright with me. Just because we can't go, it didn't stop me from checking out the prices for my family and I was literally delighted, until I again remembered we are in the middle of moving our family across the province so a vacation is not on the radar. Bummer for me, great for you.

The best thing about this deal is that it applies to Sun Resorts which are family-friendly. This means you have a huge choice of kids activities and family-friendly accommodations. I have a family of five and most hotel rooms have a limit of four, so I did some research and found a number of resorts that had rooms that accommodated us without a huge extra cost (although some were just ridiculous). Seriously though, your kids will not just stay free and eat free, they fly free too and this is going to save you so much money as I don't think Air Canada offers kid's airfares anyway. You pay for the seat, no matter your age.

Think about this: the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya hotel and spa is a 4 Air Canada star hotel and you can go for $531.19 (plus those darn taxes) a person for seven nights all inclusive on June 10th. If you have two kids, your entire family can go for $1062.38 (plus $700.12 taxes). If you really want to get technical, the total cost of your stay, your flight and food per person per day would only be $62.95 a day!

Let me know where you are going!

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