Air Canada GiftMassive Giveaway: Free Flights, or 10% to 20% Discount! *** HOT ***

Air Canada GiftMassive Giveaway: Free Flights, or 10% to 20% Discount! *** HOT ***

Air Canada is having a GiftMassive giveaway! Within this promotion, they are giving away instant coupon codes for up to 20% discount on the cost of their flights, and also some free flights!

On the above page, you’ve got to pop in your email address as they will instantly email you a coupon code, or details of your prize. For example, when I first tried it, I got a 10% coupon code. They’re all one-time use coupon codes and not shareable. So if you want one, give it a try on the link above.

The prize breakdown is this:

  • 500,000 codes for 10% discount off any Air Canada Tango base
  • 350,000 codes for 15% discount any Air Canada Tango base
  • 150,000 codes for 20% discount off any Air Canada Tango base fare
  • 65 pairs of Economy Class round-trip tickets for the winner & travelling companion (Canada/US)

Here's the type of thing you will see when you enter the giveaway on the Air Canada page:


Once you have chosen your prize as shown in the screenshot above, here’s a little glitch that seems to be happening. If you take the base URL:

And have a little fiddle with the number at the end (change it to different numbers), different codes and prize combos seem to appear. I found a 20% code with this:


Now Moosers, you’ve got to be savvy shoppers here. Just because Air Canada are handing you a 10% or 15% coupon code doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best price you can get for your flight. If you have a set trip in mind, you’re going to want to head over to Google Flights and compare the exact same flights and dates to those on Air Canada’s website. In some cases, there may be no benefit to using the Air Canada coupon codes, you may be better booking through Google Flights – so make sure you check it out.

I did just this when I was checking out some prices for a flight between Winnipeg and Toronto in January. It turns out that using the above 20% code ended up saving me $80 – so that was well worth it.

If you are interested in using this deal, get in fast before Air Canada discovers their mistake.

(Expires: 30th December 2014)


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  • Sharon
    I kept refreshing and got to click on every parcel but it only came up with 10 or 15% off, no free flight.
    • Alice M.
      I would love to win a flight to Newfoundland (or anywhere else, for that matter)
      • Alexandra
        The link just keeps returning me to Air Canada's home website.. perhaps they caught on because you spelled this out in your post.
        • Anna W.
          Hi! Yep, looks like they have caught on to the glitch...
        • Jody
          Last week I did what you suggested. And after about 40 tries I won a free flight! I filled out the form, the skill testing question, and everything. I didn't hear back from them at all. Later, when reading the fine print, I realized that they really cover every angle...they have the right to decline 'winners' who won via internet tampering. oops! It was a fun hour or two of dreaming of Hawaii!
          • Anna W.
            So did they inform you that your entry wasn't valid?
            • Jody
              No, they didn't. I just didn't get any other reply other than the "you've won..." screen.