ACEVIVI UV Nail Lamp (For Gel Polish) $36.99 Free Shipping @ Marketplace

ACEVIVI UV Nail Lamp (For Gel Polish) $36.99 Free Shipping @ Marketplace

When I picked up a bottle of gel nail polish by mistake a couple of months ago I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to use it unless I had a UV nail lamp similar to the ones that they use at nail salons, to 'cure' the gel polish. Gel polish can make manicures last for up to two weeks, and tend to look more shiny than regular nail polish.

I was watching for sales on these UV nail lights and finally today discovered this ACEVIVI 12 W UV nail lamp at selling for $36.99 - it looks like it's a fantastic UV nail lamp, according to the reviews. There are some smaller ones that cost slightly less but after reading over the reviews I think this will be the best one to purchase overall, since it's a 12 watt light and at a fraction of the price of what you would pay elsewhere for a UV nail lamp of this caliber.

This ACEVIVI light is sold through Marketplace Seller ACEVIVI and is fulfilled by so you will get this item delivered in the usual speedy manner that you are accustomed to.

The comparable ones in the market retail at from around $60 - $80 and in fact, some of those are for only the 6 watt model - so for $36.99 including free shipping, this is an excellent deal!

These lights don't get hot, which is a reassuring safety feature. The lamp also has a life of 35,000 - 50,000 hours, so that is a lot of manicures that you can complete!

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  • NPXY

    Be careful with those UV lights. They are light little tanning beds and expose your skin to the same UVA rays as the sun. The skin on fingers will end up with the same negative effects of too much sun exposure, like wrinkling and a higher cancer risk.

    • Eryn

      Thanks for your input, NPXY.